Festive Menu B

Deepavali Menu-2023

$ 15.26 per person only

RiceUp to 0 selections
ChickenUp to 1 selections

MuttonUp to 1 selections

VegetableUp to 1 selections

DalchaUp to 1 selections

DessertUp to 1 selections

DrinkUp to 0 selections

SnackUp to 0 selections

FishUp to 1 selections

Free papadams on us!

Because we know there is no party without those crunchy addictions! 😄

Catering delivery

Catering venue has direct lift access?

If catering setup venue is in places with no direct lift access, additional $54.50 is required for every level of stairs.

Level of stairs:   

Total delivery charges : $ 0

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Payment details
Catering charges for 0 person X 15.26
Value Add-ons
Delivery charges
$0+Level of stairs charges $0
TOTAL Charges
$0inclusive 8% GST of $0
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